Why Airport Transfer in Brisbane

8 Reasons To Book An Airport Transfer

So, you’ve booked your flight and found the perfect accommodation for your trip. But how are you getting from where you land to where you need to be? Or even from your home to the airport, for that matter? Pre-booking your shared airport shuttle or private transfer solves those problems, and we’re here to explain why.

We know that for many travellers, thinking about how to get to or from the airport usually isn’t top of the ‘to do’ list. In fact, compared to the excitement of booking a flight or researching what you’re going to do on your trip, finding and booking an airport transfer is probably at the bottom.

But it goes without saying that booking a transfer before you leave home will make travelling all that bit less stressful. Whether you’re a group of friends wanting to travel together, a family with young children in need of a baby seat, a keen surfer who travels with oversized luggage, a business traveller or a deal-savvy holiday maker, booking an airport transfer before you leave can be the final piece in the trip puzzle.

As a bunch of passionate travellers ourselves, here we explain why we always make sure we’ve got a transfer organised before we go away.

Tips from the team

1. ‘I like to hit the ground running when I’m travelling. Having my transfers pre-booked lets me travel easily and stress-free, giving me more time to enjoy my holiday. Sometimes, I also like to upgrade to a private car – I’m treating myself on holiday, and that starts with having a touch of luxury from the very beginning. Who doesn’t like the idea of a private car?!’

2. ‘When I’m travelling with friends, I always organise transfers. As a group, we usually don’t fit into one taxi, which means splitting up – not ideal when we’re in a foreign country. And it also means that we get to the airport in time for our flights rather than faffing about trying to find taxis or navigate public transport last minute!

‘I also like to book transfers when I’m travelling to the airport early in the morning for work, even when I’m travelling domestically – I don’t want to worry if there will be a taxi around and available when most people are still sleeping. The same goes for when I land. I often have meetings to go to and I need to know that someone is there to pick me up and get me to my meeting on time.’

3. ‘I always organise transfers for my family when we go away to make sure that there is a baby seat available for my two-year-old son. There have been occasions when I haven’t and we’ve had to wait around for a taxi that can take us all, which is the last thing you want on a trip. Public transport is not an option when juggling an enthusiastic two-year-old and lots of luggage!

‘Whenever possible, I also like to bring my surfboard along (when my wife lets me!), so this can be a bit of a logistical challenge if I haven’t pre-booked transport that can take oversized luggage. The ultimate benefit for me though is that I can set an alarm the night before knowing when I need to be ready, and that the driver will be there at the time arranged, even if I book months in advance. It’s also great to have the confidence that I’m buying the best-value transport for my family’s specific needs for each trip.’

4. ‘When I go back home to the UK to visit family, I have a bit of a trip waiting for me once I’ve landed at the airport, so I like to know that I have something booked ready to take me where I need to go. I’m also a big skier, so I always like to organise a transfer on a ski trip as you can’t guarantee a taxi will take you to resorts, and oversized luggage is a nightmare on public transport.’

5. ‘I travel a lot, so I’m a shared shuttle fan – I’m not after luxury, so it keeps costs down but gives me the peace of mind that I am going to get picked up. I then don’t have to grapple with public transport that I’m completely unfamiliar with!’

6. ‘I prefer to have pre-paid for my transport so I don’t have to deal with foreign currency when I arrive in a new destination. Plus, I like that when I arrive I don’t have to go searching for a taxi and I can just get in the transfer and the driver knows where I’m going – I don’t have to worry about finding my own way there or trying to describe to a taxi driver somewhere I’ve never been before.’

 I like to hit the ground running when I’m travelling. Having my transfers pre-booked lets me travel easily and stress-free, giving me more time to enjoy my holiday.

7. ‘When travelling in a foreign country, the peace of mind of having the final leg of the trip getting from the airport to the hotel organised is invaluable. After travelling for hours on a flight, I’m usually exhausted! The last thing I want to do is navigate the local transport systems where I’ll inevitably mistake two train stations or street names and end up further away from my destination. Booking an airport transfer to my hotel takes all this stress off my mind and lets me concentrate on what I’ll be eating first!’

8. ‘I often travel by myself for business and leisure. As much as I love to be adventurous, when arriving in a new destination – even a domestic destination – I like to feel comfortable and safe getting to my hotel. For me, transfers are the best way to achieve this as I know the transfer driver is there ready and waiting to pick me up, and they already know where I need to go. Booking a transfer at the same time as I book my flight has now become a habit. It’s also convenient to pre-pay so that I don’t have the added stress that I’m going to end up over-paying for a taxi ride.’